Enhancing your eyesight will enhance your performance

Fundus photography

Thanks to our fundus camera, we can photograph the nerves in your eyes, enabling early diagnosis of conditions that threaten your eyesight and general health. It is also the only place in the body where we can see your veins without cutting into your body. It promotes early detection of high risk undetected blood pressure, strokes and heart attacks. We keep these pictures in your file to compare the results during your next consultation.

Optical coherence tomography (OCT)

With the OCT we can not only take a CT scan of the 10 layers that make up your retina (nerves), but we can also do a ganglion cell count (GCC). That means that eye conditions like glaucoma can be detected before patients start to lose sight. This is also very beneficial to patients who suffer from diabetes, as bleeding can be diagnosed in time.

Slitlamp photography

This helps with diagnosing a variety of eye conditions, including cataracts and pterygiums, as well as your eyelids, for proper dry eye treatment. As with our fundus camera, we keep these pictures in your file to compare with your next consultation.


It takes a 3D topographic image of the contours of your cornea. These images are used to calculate and fit the scleral contact lenses. To monitor keratoconus progress and test for dry eyes.

Field Analyzer

The field analyzer measures your visual fields. How far out you can see. This is an important test to detect field loss, not just in glaucoma patients, but also to detect brain tumors, and exactly where they are situated. Also, in traumatic brain injuries, we can detect visual field loss before therapy, and see improvement after therapy.

Personal service with a smile that fulfills each patient’s individual needs.

You are a person in your own right. That’s why we take our time to write your complete case history – we need to know exactly why you came in and what your needs are. At Sport-in-Sight Optometrist we consider our patients’ unique working conditions, hobbies, and visual needs before providing treatments. We are proud of the fact that we offer a high-quality service.


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