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Sport In Sight specializes in the whole family's eye care.

Sport In Sight focuses on the whole family. From Granny who needs an electronic magnifier due to macular degeneration, Mom who needs glasses to read on the PC screen, or Dad with his golf shades, to the kids struggling to see on the board at school because of too much screen time. We can help you with it all!

Because we are a specialist family practice, we can take care of all age groups with their unique eye care needs. Sport In Sight Optometrists is a specialist practice that utilizes the latest technology to care for your eyes, through innovative treatments and best practices.

With the latest technology available, we are able to identify future problems today. So, we can prevent vision loss before it happens. Because we use cameras on our microscopes, we

can track the progress of your eyes with each assessment we do. We are also able to manage visual degeneration conditions more efficiently by building a database of images with regular follow-ups. 

Our OCT does CT scans of the retina, counting the cells of the retina. So, we are able to identify early signs of eye problems such as glaucomas. With early detection, we can prevent loss of sight through early treatment. With our FUNDUS camera, we are able to examine the condition of the veins in the eye, pick up swelling from your brain, and other conditions of the retina. To establish and monitor the condition of your cornea, we use the topographer. This instrument creates 3D images of your cornea. With our field analyzer, we can spot glaucomas, loss of field, aneurysms, and even indicate brain tumors.

Our mission to combat ADHD

With the influx of children in our practice, we realized the need for intervention regarding learning challenges that children are facing on a daily basis. This realization quickly materialized into a centre that provides hands-on solutions by fixing the origin of each problem through neuroplasticity and not just medicating or suppressing symptoms.

We believe that we can take South Africa forward if we raise our youth without using pills and medication as the first and most common resort. Rather treat each case as unique and attended to it individually in order to help our children optimize their full potential.

Carla van der Merwe

Founder / Owner / Senior Optometrist

Since High School, Carla always had a dream of becoming an optometrist.

She started working towards that dream in 2002 at Randse Afrikaanse University, which later became the University of Johannesburg in her graduating year. Also, she graduated with diagnostic privileges from Boston and started her own private practice in July 2008. During this time, she completed her postgraduate diploma in Sports Vision at UJ. She completed various post graduate courses in pediatrics such as myopia control, dyslexia specialist, iridology, speciality contact lenses, and extensive dry eye treatment (Florida). Further, she completed the Therapeutic Rights qualification through the State University of New York, Optometry department (SUNY).

In 2011 she purchased her own property and included Chiropractors to the centre. Sport in Sight is now equipped with all the latest technology and experience in order for us to deliver the best quality service for every individual need!

Our practice

We have the technology to make sure we pick up future problems today, so we can prevent vision loss.

All our microscopes have cameras on them. This is to ensure we not only do a thorough assessment of your eye but will also be able to capture and save images of the eye electronically so that we can compare conditions that need regular follow-ups.

Our Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) scan does Computerized Tomography (CT) scans of the retina. It also does a cell count of the retina, so that we can pick up eye conditions like glaucoma before you start losing sight.

We have a Fundus camera that takes photos of your retina, where we can look at the condition of the veins in the eye, pick up swelling from your brain, etc.

Our topographer takes 3D images to establish and monitor the condition of the cornea.

We also have a field analyzer that is used to detect field loss, glaucoma, and aneurysms. It can also indicate brain tumors.


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